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Additional Services 

GL Events is the events preferred provider. Should you require any adjustments to your stand/space please contact them directly for assistance; with the help of GL Events you can order additional furniture, submit branding for your panels as well as request additional elements to boost the overall look of your exhibition space


Please complete the required forms should you wish to order additional items. These forms can be uploaded below and emailed to 

GL Events South Africa
Liesel Hoppe
27 21 526 3200

GL events South Africa
Bianca van Dewenter
27 21 526 3200

Form 2A

Fascia Name

Form 2B

Carpet Colour Selections

Form 3

Furniture Hire Form

Form 3A
Form 4

Electrical Hire and Supply Options

Form 5

Special Panels

Form 6

Audio Visual

Form 7

Plant Hire Options