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Sponsor a prize, let us do the hard work, you look cool at the show giving away an awesome prize to a winning visitor

How to play

Create pre-show buzz by sponsoring a giveaway at the show. Be it cash, products related to your company, the latest technology or branded merchandise, our visitors love to get excited! The opportunity to sponsor a prize means every visitor will have some serious FOMO if they aren’t visiting your booth at the show.

How it works – let us do the hard work

Once you have decided on what prize you are sponsoring; we work with you to decide how this give away should run. Be it collecting business cards, following your company on social media or visiting your booth at the show, we will do the hard work in marketing your giveaway to our visitors, all you have to do is let us know what you would like to achieve from sponsoring a prize. As we lead up to the show, we will keep visitors updated with what prizes are up for grabs and how they can win

Announcing a Winner-wena

Over the 3 days of the show we will create onsite hype with announcements and reminders to the exhibition floor as well as on social media. At the end of the show you as the prize giver can chose your winner!

We will then announce the winner at the end of the show and the handover will be done at your stand. We will then take photos of you as well as the lucky winner and share it on social media extending your marketing coverage to our post-show wrap up buzz.

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