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Exhibitor Packages

Shell scheme package

This refers to a standard structure with 3 panels on either side; 3 back panels and a fascia with your company name written on it.  Simple upgrades to furniture or printed art work for your panels will set your shell scheme aside from the others.

Small 6sqm package

Basic 9sqm package

Double Stand 18sqm package

Custom Area

Typically space only

3 x 2 m

3 x 3 m

6 x 3 m

9 x 3 m

6 x 6 m



  • Black with white printed name
  • Stand number flags on the outside of the stand will be a white fascia with orange numbering

Standard package (for a 3×3 structure)

  • Corner
  • 2 X 3 panels – white


  • 3 X 3 panels – white
  • Panel size for branding (2380mm (h) x 950mm (w))


  • Basic power supply

(should you wish to run any coffee machines or other electronic equipment we suggest hiring your own distribution board)


  • Carpeting
  • Standard white café table
  • 2 café chairs

Branding your panels is in optional upgrade to your standard package, which we strongly encourage

Custom stand option

For those exhibitors wishing to do a custom stand please note that you will need to supply the following:
(These items are to be provided by the service provider of choice)

  • A copy of your stand render will need to be sent along with your selected service provider details in order to gain access during build up.
  • Occupational Health and Safety File: as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act your builder will need to have a compliant Health and Safety file on site during your build for the Safety Officer to sign off
  • All electrical and structural (BDM 12) sign off will need to be done by your service provider by an individual qualified to do so.
  • All service providers erecting your structure will need to wear the regulated safety gear such as hard hats and other general safety gear.
  • All custom stands will need to provide their own compliant electrical and power needs such as Distribution Boards and power outlets.
  • It is your duty as the client to ensure these requirements are met. Should these requirements not be met the Gallagher convention centre will not allow for your structure to be built and you will be unable to exhibit.